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I am delighted to be part of this exciting project (though it is much more than that), creating a powerful community through the pixel portals you are being invited to populate - by special intuitive invitation!

During my career so far (25 years! I don't know where that time went), mostly in sales, marketing and publishing, I have had the pleasure of working with some of
the UK's leading mind, body, spirit publications and my own professional therapy work includes Sound Healing, Reiki and Cellular Energy Work.

When I met Caroline I was so inspired by her energy, her motivation and her Vision and now the time is right for me to join her and the lovely people at Floyd Promotions.  It makes perfect sense that I look after and nurture the careful creation of British Healing Pixels, given my experience.

I invite you to be part of this magickal journey, reserve your pixel space, share your inspirational messages with others on the site and enjoy co-creating a healing community to be shared by the few with the many at this important time for personal and planetary healing.

Love and blessings

Anne Elizabeth Fleming

Love Is The Key




...and ...welcome to our healing site...

I feel inspired to say a few words, my name is Caroline Dunn and I am the Marketing Director and co-founder of this Marketing Campaign for the United Kingdom….

 …a few words to follow!…

 …The incredible potential of our ability to heal and change, our energetic choices, the endless possibilities of time, the importance of our food, interaction with nature, life lived with an attitude of total ease, our ideas, inspiration and ecstatic experiences are crude subject headings for things that have fascinated me, rescued me and created my life path for many years.  I am, therefore, completely delighted to be bringing a healers’ promotional site to the internet. This simple advertising site for all healers easily explains the core heart message for our entire campaign.  It is a wonderful energetic possibility that I believe and also sense wishes to exist, become alive, work in harmony with the rest of the portfolio and of course evolve further …creating and answering any searches of all those who come in contact with it’s energy.  For me personally,  I now fully believe in humanity’s ability to heal, learn, teach and evolve using the focus of our happiness – and joy.  This seemingly simple and yes, rather obvious conclusion, came after much soul searching… I used to view happiness as a carrot firmly attached to the end of a stick, to be enjoyed when things became even better ….a goal, or a  reward for the future… rather than a way to feel right now! today ! about anything at all and as soon as we want to … personally, therefore, I hope this site and this exciting Campaign Portfolio brings the UK plenty of joy!
…Celebrating the power of a positive collection.

Floyd’s Pixel Portfolio
A collection of Websites…

Caroline Dunn
Marketing Director
Floyd Promotions

Successful people and companies are usually inspired by the powerful energy of the entrepreneur’s spirit and it is this positive, creative mindset that we are linking up and energetically bringing together as a realistic and excellent representation of the United Kingdom …. this is a fascinating, uplifting collection of people and websites -  generating positive, creative, fun-energy and an increase in the business success of all those who take part…. 



P.S.  Please remember to bookmark this website and add us to your favourites folder...... Thank you....




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